Shadow Killer: The screenshot preferences manager that OS X ought to have.

payst: A pastebin / gist clone written in Python to try out Cassandra.

JayPong: A pong clone written in Java.

SQLMerger: My very first open source project and basically my first real program, written in 2010 using C#. Static website. March 2013. Screenshots: top, bottom. WordPress theme. April 2012. Screenshots: index page.

Inactive / Unfinished

Mucoce: A mini player for iTunes which you can access from your menu bar (for OS X, written in Objective-C).

canny: Like Ejecta, but for Android (Java, C++).

scarf: An HTTP server library written for and in Objective-C. I only did this to try out writing an HTTP server.

hyperbukkit: An HTTP API for bukkit, written in Python / Jython.